Liquidesign Urban lighting is the division of Liquidesign Studio aiming at providing Public Space Lighting Design Solutions for Municipalities, Communities, Governments and Urban Agencies Worldwide.

Lighting Strategic Consultancy, Audit & Analysis
Lighting Urban Masterplan
Lighting Heritage and Conservation
Public Space an Urban Art

Lighting is the second skin of your city. It convey the care and hopes you harbor for your community. Comfort and Security, Sustainability, Branding and Attractivity, a strategic lighting scheme brings all those components together and make sure your municipality is seriously saving on its most expensive item, all the while providing value to its inhabitants and businesses, and claiming its place on the map !  

the 4 principles behind our services to Municipalities

Decades of collaborations with municipalities, urban communities and governments around the world, have thought us the following facts about you
You always need lighting design expertise !

In your pursuit for a quality environment for your community, you engage with all the aspects of the urban expertise. We are convinced that strategic thinking about your city at night at an early stage is critical at a safety, sustainability and representation level, and more and more members of the planning community are aware of this fact.

We offer you a serious lighting expertise that understand and enhance all the aspects of the urban extensions and renewals.

We are your experts next door !

With experience on 4 continents and our support teams in several locations in Asia, Europe, The Middle east... we are able to communicate with cities worldwide and provide support remotely as well as on site specifically to understand the reality of the situation and oversee the completion of the projects.

We are open to the specificities of each region and do believe in understanding the places at a deep level. Through collaboration, we bring the local back all around the globe. 

Save your finances, create value and save the world !

The illumination of the public spaces is the largest energetic spending of each municipality. Only  "Replacing with leds" will only provide superficial savings. You need to engage with the a multilevel strategic urban illumination from your projects inception to insure the best possible qualitative and quantitative outcome

With our 20+ year of experience, beside good illumination, we are known for our successful and pragmatic optimization of your lighting system.  

You need a seamless integration of the lighting in your process.

Your community need a commitment to the integrity of your project, often over a long time and through several disciplines.  you need the lighting consultants to understand and integrate immediately your philosophy, system and procedures, from the aesthetic and the respect of your design principles, to the process (CAD / BIM...) and detailing.

From the initial sketches to the aiming of the last spotlight, our team will act and work like your very own Urban Lighting Design Department interacting with all the others actors of your projects. 

About Us

It is about time we get acquainted .

in few words

A Decade of Lighting Design Leadership

Liquidesign has earned through more than a decade
of intense international activities in the field of architectural
lighting design an undisputed reputation as one of the most
boldly creative and hardworking company in the industry,
pushing the boundaries of our mission to bring the light back
in the center of our clients operations.
Spearheaded by one of the most sought after creative team,
Liquidesign excels at bringing life and lights to spaces and
structures. We have demonstrated through Asia and Europe
our ability to create solutions aligning our strong artistic vision with our client's strategy and the contextual parameters.
Our approach, always centered around the user experience,
creates distinctive and vivid night environments, endowed
with impressive power and cost saving performances.

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We have been working with municipalities, governments and NGO's since 2008

Executive Team

Jean-Jacques Lanzo

Founder / Managing Director
Head of Middle East Office
Planner and Architect DPLG Senior Lighting Expert


Technical Director
Head of European Office

Sustainability  Expert
Senior Lighting Expert


Associate Operation Director
Head of Design Supervision

Senior Lighting Designer


Founder / Operation Director
Head of Asian Office

Infrastructure Engineer
Senior Lighting Designer


You don't have to be where we are, to start working with us ! 



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Some of our Projects

An overview of various urban projects.

Our Services

An In depth look as we are among professionals.

Strategic Consulting

We have coined the term "Strategic Lighting" for a good reason. We are amongst the few lighting professionals to offer a real Consulting Service focused on the Opportunities, Risk and Challenges that lighting will hold in your project. The size of your town, its goals and ambitions, the distinctive and unique structure and fabric of your city, the dynamic of the population, the culture and history, the economic prospects... are amongst the factors we need to integrate into a successful decision-making benefiting your community immediately and over a long period of time. Being able from inception to evaluate the right lighting strategy to implement has a far reaching impact that enhance the visual result, the energy savings, the functionality and attraction of the place and its overall successful operation. 

This Service starts with receiving all information from you, then setting up a meeting, a site visit is often needed to integrate most of the variables, followed by a report exploring potentialities and setting the lighting strategy most suited for the project. This service is most useful for the planning projects as it is at this stage that real value and real savings can be found.

Urban Lighting Concept

Our team is famous for this very service. We are extremely good at understanding and analyzing the urban design you are producing (well... some of us are urban designers!) . This is the foundation as of lighting design. Its first quality is to be perfectly integrated with your objectives. At a functional level, we provide the appropriate type of illumination, we are not just showing off colors, fancy artwork and unrelated lighting effects: We follow the site specificities and reinforce the core principles of the project. At the same time we explore and share with you the potentialities that lies in your scheme to enhance and transcend your work's impact at night. We are not throwing lights and colors randomly, we accurately provide solutions that we know can be done and we are able at an early stage to discuss the technical implications of our solutions.

The Urban Lighting Concept is a powerful tool in your hands, it is way beyond the shallow "night view" you'll get  from a render company. Being able to provide a coherent, efficient, documented ,professional and impressive lighting layer that is actually in line with your city's future just set you in a different category for your projects. With us, you enter the realm of the cities that handle a solution for 100% of the time and not just the for the day. 

You can contact us as soon as you have made your first sketches! We are very good at growing the lighting design in sync with your planners concept evolution, we become a force of proposition that can really enrich your project. this is actually how we reach our best results. But we can as well jump on board at any time and add our expertise on you fully developed concepts. Remember, the earlier, the better!  

Layout Drawings

We are of course able to develop our concepts into fully functional drawings that will integrate with your representation system. We will provide the information needed to have a correct evaluation of the lighting system and its implementation. The Layout reflect our expertise and experience, its quality is a the main factor driving efficiency and energetic control. 

At the Design Development stage (DD), the drawing presents the exact position and types of each lighting fixture (Specifications). It allows for initial analytics, energy monitoring and preliminary budget. At the Construction Documentation stage (CD), the drawing is reworked to match the more accurate set of drawings we will get from you, we add to it the elements of wiring that support the control system and as well the several details needed to lead the construction team toward the best possible installation of the system.

Lighting Specifications

In line with our design and its deployment in the drawings, we provide a set of specifications, they accurately define the various fixtures that will be needed for the design. We are an independent lighting design company. This means that, just like you, we are not pushing any brand or products. Our focus is on the successful implementation and operation of our urban lighting design. We are therefore protecting you by pushing the most efficient solutions in term of consumption, operation and budget. In this regard, our Specifications are "Open Specifications" defining the product needed and not referring only to a brand. This allows your procurement service to get quotes from any supplier worldwide and subsequently get the best possible value. "Open Specifications" usually cut budgets in half, sometimes more.   

The Specifications Set is part of the Design Development stage (DD) and is linked to the drawings. It focuses on the light fixtures and their description. The last set of Specification is part of the Construction Documentation stage (CD) and it provides an accurate description of the Fixtures as well as the Equipment needed for the full Control System to operate.

Lighting Simulations

We provide Lighting Simulation when needed to assess, control and fine tune our solutions. The prediction of the lighting effects is at the heart of our expertise, but in special cases even us need to double check the validity of our ideas. We use a variety of tools to do so and we can provide you proofs and options through simulations at several stages of the design process  

We can offer Lighting simulations from the Lighting Concept stage, according to the specific solution we are proposing. It is however more relevant to use lighting simulations at the Design Development stage (DD) to guide our Layout  and at the Construction Document stage to accurately check elements of detail. 

Conceptual Drawings and Detailing

We are aware that quite a lot of our fellow lighting designers were merely showing their clients what lights to buy out of a catalog. Well, for us, the overwhelming majority of the work is about exchanging with you to create the best integration that works with your configurations, materials and spaces. We sit down and draw solutions that creates this invisible and deep connection between your space and its illumination.    

We supply Conceptual Drawings and Detailing as a part of the constant communication flow that we establish throughout the project at every stage. It leads to properly drafted CAD details at the Construction Documentation stage (CD) and as well to specific Custom Designed Fixtures and Solutions that we would implement specifically for your project. 

Custom Designed Fixtures and Solutions

When the project request it, we are able to design Lighting Fixtures that would match perfectly your project. We have an extensive experience of the lighting industry and its processes, especially in the field of LED lighting. It is always possible for us to lead a product design from its initial idea to its drawing, prototyping and production through collaborations with factories.

This service often stems from the Concept Design and evolve through the following steps (DD and CD). Prototypes and Mock ups are usually needed to reach a successful implementation and installation.

Lighting Analytics and Value Engineering

We are the few lighting design company to provide systematically this service. It is important to constantly monitor the lighting system we are elaborating especially through the lenses of the energy efficiency and the economic efficiency. Understanding the role of each fixture type and making sure they play their role to their full extent without pushing the boundaries of what is needed is a big part of getting the lighting under control. Communicating with you through clear graphs and our analytical conclusions allows you to stay on top of all those sustainability concern. This service has typically saved many projects huge amount of money and energy.

Depending on the type of project, this service may start as a very rough iteration at the Concept Design stage. It is however an integral part of the Design Development and allows us to adapt, reinterpret and optimize  the lighting system for the next step of Construction Documentation (CD). Even at this step it is still time to re-adapt things to reach budget and energy targets. 

Control System Development

The control system is often omitted by our competitors. We believe that lighting is only efficient when working as a system,not just as an accumulation and juxtaposition of different lights. The lighting's nervous system of your project can not be left for the electrician on site it needs to be elaborated since the Concept Design and evolve with more and more clarity through the steps of the design. Especially with the rise of the led lighting, the control system is responsible for the flexibility of the installation and allowing for a good chunk of the energy savings and of the system longevity, through the modulation of the intensities along the phases of the days and nights or according to the visitors flow.
We have a good deal of experience with most control systems and can efficiently chose the right ones and make them work for your project.

The Control System should already be formulated in the Concept Design scheme in a simple way. Its presence should be reflected into the Design Development stage although it is still too early to fully represent it at this stage. It will however be accurately described and specified for the Construction Document stage.    

Tender Assistance

Once the Construction Documentation (CD) is issued with set of drawing and specifications, the municipality has the tools to pursue a tendering process between a host of potential suppliers to get the best value on his lighting system. The Lighting Industry is difficult to navigate and our experience can be an great asset to make sure the client is safe.  

We assist with this process by reviewing the specifications that are proposed by the suppliers and making sure they match the projects requirements. furthermore we can physically check samples directly on site or by getting them sent to us for review. 

Site Supervision

Before and During the Installation of the lights and their control system, we remain present to make sure the end result reaches our expectations. We need to be on call to address any concern the construction team may have regarding the plans and details, and collect any updates about the site evolution, that may impact our work. There are Key points during the implementation process when we need to have a look into the installation, such as the first installation of a particular type of lamps to make sure things are going smoothly and being able to adjust everything on the spot. Another Key point is the final set of adjustments from the aiming to the dimming and system setting check.  

We offer to travel on site and it makes total sense for the larger projects. We can however assist remotely to most of this process, video-conferencing with the site team and leading on-site video surveys during the installation is more than enough for a small to medium size project. It is however necessary to be on the ground to manage the final tuning of the lights.

LEED, BREEAM... Green Building Lighting packages

At the spearhead of the energy efficiency,our team is familiar with most of the compliance system for green buildings and their lighting chapters. We can assist your process by taking care of those part of your accreditation

We can help you assess according to your goals and standards to what extent the lighting can contribute to the overall environmental and energetic profile of your project. 

The organization of our services follows the process below

Audit and Analysis Consultancy (AC)

Strategic Lighting Consultancy (SLC)

Concept Design + Schematic [Masterplan] (CDS)

Design Development (DD)

Construction Documents (CD)

Tender and Site Services (TSS)

What Now ?

Now that you know everything there is to know about us
and all we can do for you and your municipality, It is up to you to take action

If you want to know more about our services.
If you want to discuss with us about a project you are working on
If you want to know how we can seamlessly integrate our services into your internal process. 

Let's schedule a phonecall and put things in motion !   
Anyway thank you for your visit and we are expecting to work with you very soon

Bright Regards 
Jean-Jacques Lanzo
Planner/Architect DPLG 
Senior Lighting expert
Liquidesign Studio / LD Group


Liquidesign Urban Lighting is a division of Liquidesign Studio aiming at providing Lighting Design Solutions to Municipalities, Communities, Governments and NGOs worldwide.

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